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Alabama Deadline Approaching for SBA Working Capital Loans Due to Hurricane Irma

ATLANTA, Ga - The U.S. Small Business Administration is reminding small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives, small businesses engaged in aquaculture and most private nonprofit organizations located in Barbour, Henry, Houston and Russell counties in Alabama that July 13 is the filing deadline for federal economic injury disaster loans as a result of Hurricane Irma on Sept. 10-12, 2017.

SBA announces some private nonprofits may be eligible for low-interest flood loans

ATLANTA — The U.S. Small Business Administration announced today that certain private nonprofit organizations (PNPs) in West Virginia that do not provide critical services of a governmental nature may be eligible to apply for low-interest rate disaster loans.

What is a Short Term Loan – and Where Do You Find One for Your Small Business?

Many small businesses need to borrow money at some stage in their development to help with cash flow, expansion or other costs. Short term loans can be a good solution to help small businesses overcome temporary cash flow or expenditure issues.

Business Line of Credit vs. Business Credit Card: Pros & Cons

Between cash flow issues and unpaid invoices, or simply a lull in business, it’s not uncommon for small businesses to find themselves in need of some cash. This isn’t an unsolvable problem, however. Many businesses have turned to outside financing to solve their cash flow issues. While a business loan may not be the exact fit for the situation, business credit cards and business lines of credit can be excellent solutions to solve the problem at hand.

Need Money Fast? 4 Options for Small Business Owners

As you push your business forward, think about financing early and often to accept any challenges as they arise.